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We can save your company thousands of dollars in fuel costs!
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H3 Fuel Services
Your Fuel is Our Passion!

Since 2013 H3 Fuel Services has saved our customers a total of $3.4 million and in 2017 saved one customer $630,000

What we do for our clients

Gather fuel inventories for all locations


Check pricing 


Determine location and load needs


Monitor the spot market


Order fuel vs inventory


Confirm all orders


Check vendor invoices


What Our Customers Are Saying…

H3 Fuel Services, Inc. insists that our fuel suppliers are doing everything they can to ensure GFS is getting the best price possible on our fuel. H3 follows our inventory levels daily and matches that to where they believe the market is headed. They may bring fuel in early or later to take advantage of market conditions. They do save GFS money, over $740,000 in 2015. The biggest advantage to GFS is we understand that we do not have their experience skill set on staff and they provide me with a high level of comfort that the fuel being purchased has GFS best interest in mind

(GFS is the 23rd largest privately owned company in the US.)



Learn how we can save your company thousands of dollars!

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Bulk Fuel Purchasing Services


Let us come to you! We will train your staff in our proven fuel purchasing process in order to save you money.


We manage your fuel inventories and purchase fuel for your location(s) using our proven fuel purchasing process resulting in saving you thousands of dollars. We currently purchase millions of gallons of fuel annually at multiple locations across the US.


Think you’re being overcharged? We will audit your invoices to determine if you’re being overcharged. We will also negotiate with the vendor to recoup funds.



Learn how we can save your company thousands of dollars!

Get a FREE Audit!
Get a FREE Audit!

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